Cargo Ship Cleaning

The “make in india” movement, encouraged by the government by giving a few relaxations, has led to the production growth of plants. Owning a plant or being a managing authority of it is not limited to looking at production and profit but adds up other responsibilities as well, such as looking at staff hygiene, work pleasure, going well through government audits, making a customer happy on their “pre-order visits”, etc. It is not as easy to find skilled manpower with the proper instrumentation as for domestic cleaning. Now you can share this responsibility of yours with your trusted vclean. We dry clean shades, vacuum clean them, and have a facility for high-pressure cleaning and floor scrubbing as well. The most important thing is that we send our staff with complete personal protective equipment like safety shoes, safety belts, helmets, etc. We are also well aware of labour compliance like the factory act, gst, pf, etc. So, join us and share your responsibility with vclean.
Cleaning can be a major issue on board vessels, especially when it involves bulk shipments. Such types of cleaning require an expert team and also specially designed equipment to achieve effective cleaning. Before the new cargo is loaded with goods like coal, iron, cement, bauxite or other products, it requires cleaning, so the goods don’t get damaged during the transfer process.

If you hold cargo that requires regular cleaning, then contact us today. Give us a chance to provide you with a systematic ship cleaning service that won’t disappoint you.
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